#Choosetosmooth Gillette Venus Review

So Influenster did it again, they sent a great GLAMBOX for my review.

One of the products was the Venus disposable razor by Gillette.

Now, I’ve definitely used this razor in the past and have always loved it, but they definitely upgraded since my last use. I swear, this thing is better than the NON disposable razor I tossed aside to make way for this one. They provided shaving cream also, however, I NEVER use it. Yeah, I dont know why, I just dont like the stuff much. The one they provided was great, but I am a quick in-and-out-of-the-shower-in-2min-flat type of girl so shaving cream is just one extra step I dont need. And guess what, the razor worked great both with AND without the shaving cream. I didnt feel dry or itchy after, which is a major bonus, and my knees were actually free of hair (what a major accomplishment that is).

So two thumbs up for these razors, way to go Gillette!

(PS, the products were provided by Influenster for the sole purpose of reviewing, all opinions are my own :))



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