Proper update in a bit.. for now, a review!

So as I’ve mentioned, I’m pay off an online community called influenster. Basically, you review tons of products and add your social media info to your account and once you reach a certain level you get free stuff to review! It’s pretty fantastic.

The most recent product I received came in a small package instead of the “voxbox” they’ve sent before..


When I opened it I was surprised to not only find a cologne sample..


But also a cute Calvin Klein men’s wallet!


Needless to say Tim was already sold on this one..

Then we sprayed the cologne. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s seriously amazing. Not even exaggerating.
In fact, Tim’s birthday was Monday and he still hasn’t decided what he wanted (something small this year since the wedding is pretty much running us dry) do the first thing he said after smelling the cologne.. “Ok, this is it! This is my birthday gift! I want a full sized bottle of this stuff!!”

So there it is, I’m pretty sure it’s clear I’m rating this as a 5/5 on influenster!

*influenster provided this product for me to review. All opinions are my own.*


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