Influenster Product Review – Loreal Paris Ultimate Straight Haircare Collection

First of all, I love Influenster. They have sent a lot of great voxboxes this year.

This one took me  a while to get to due to the wedding activities, but I finally have. And it’s great!

The only not-so-great part? The shampoo bottle completely exploded during shipping – I’m sure that letting it sit in the mail box for a week in 100+ temperatures didn’t help. But hey, that’s how it goes.


See the lower right corner of the box? Yep, shampoo :/


So let’s get to the review, shall we?


This picture was taken using the products. I know it’s a car-selfie, and not the best at that – but you get the idea.

So a little background on the product –

This haircare system is comprised of 4 products.

First step is the Shampoo – Great smelling, felt good while applying, foamy and rinsed out easily – I’m not sure how else to review a shampoo, most shampoo’s are fairly similar while applying LOL

Second step is the pre-conditioner – I have NEVER used a pre-conditioner. I didn’t really understand this concept when I got the box, like, really? Another step I have to take while doing my hair? – I’m a simple girl. Again, the smell was great and I didn’t mind an extra head massage during the process, but if there was anything I could change about the bundle it would be to remove this step and somehow add it into the conditioner. Don’t know if that’s possible, I’m not a chemist, but it seems like it could be done…

Next came the conditioner – good smelling, smooth, thick… pretty standard stuff as far as conditioner goes. It did rinse out pretty well, which sometimes is the hardest part with conditioner. It didn’t leave residue or anything which was a plus.

Lastly, the straightening balm – This was applied right after towel-drying my hair, before styling. Again, great smelling (see a trend?) and applied well. It didn’t feel greasy or oily which was nice. I don’t like to have to deal with grease-ball hair, which can show easily with my short locks.

I did my standard blow drying process (large round brush for the front, small round brush in the back) and also did a little straightening with the straightening iron with the longer portions in the front.

After all was said and done I feel like this haircare bundle is definitely something I’ll continue to use and test out over the coming months (product lasts long when your hair is short – bonus!). I love that it didn’t leave me greasy, but just with shiny and straight hair.

The claim is that this product allows you to have straight hair for 48 hours; I’m not 100% sure about that since I workout and do have to rinse daily (full wash every other day), but for the 24 hour span it definitely works well. I think it even helps after sleeping a full night on it. That definitely says something!

I’m interested to see how it works with my hair color. I’m a natural blonde and this color fades fairly quickly (I require touchups every 6 weeks). I’ve been using a color lasting shampoo and conditioner so I really hope the color isn’t affected while using this bundle. Updates to follow!



    1. Hi! I will definitely check your blog out. Thanks for stopping by!!

      I actually just did it through the influenster site. On your Dashboard if you hit “Social Impact”, then go to where it says “your blog” and click “edit widget”. It should come up with a new page where you can select which host you have, which icon you want and enter your blog address. I think any other edits (like where on your page it goes) will have to be done through your host site (like mine is wordpress so I have to do it on the wordpress dashboard).

      I hope that helps, I am not a wiz at that kind of stuff! Good luck!


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